Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Boys Town Project

Our company through the Japan Advanced Skill Training Center supports the “Boys Town Project” operated by a U.S. non-profit organization headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, United States.

CSRWe believe that the system of “Boys Town Project” is indispensable to a modern Japanese society. In this facility a small group of children (up to 10) between ages of 10 – 17 years old receive training to improve their adaptability to society within normal family like settings. The children have experienced various problems such as mental and physical abuse, sexual abuse and have proven they are unable to adapt to school, society or live with a family.

CSREach child is analyzed and assigned a numerical value based upon their behavior which is used to determine the method of counseling. A computer is used to determine the appropriate curriculum to improve the child’s social skills.

The Boys Town facilities located throughout the United States provide protective services to the children. Historically, such institutions were reminders of the orphanages of the past and placement was due to poverty. Today, it is recognized throughout the United States that children that are abandoned by parents, grow up lacking love or other similar environments are at a high risk to take part in crime and become abusive creating a vicious circle of violence to their own children.

CSRIn Japan, the staff of such protective service institutions lack the materials and training on how to administer and teach the children living in the facility. The family type of environment is important to aid the children in learning the skills of adapting to society; however it is important the staff be trained and capable to provide the guidance necessary. Much can be learned from the “Boys Town” model such as education of the staff; administration of the institution; and design of the institution.

Since 2004, U. S. Japan Advanced Skill Training Center has conducted seminars to train staff and related personnel from the intuitions that provide protective services to children. MTV television advertisement and NY billboards are used to appeal to the public and make known the availability of telephone counseling.

In Japan, children who have grown up without love or experienced abuse do not know how to live in the society. The result of this environment is many societal problems and tragedy. An example of such tragedy is the Akihabara incident; it is triggered by people who do not have a place to speak out.

Our desire is that many people will support and learn from the “Boys Town” system to solve the problems of the young people of Japan; also inform the children of Japan where they can get help. We hope that this will lead to growth of society, growth of industry, and growth of the individual.

A small company like ours is not able to do anything big; however, over time we will do our best to contribute through providing translation of the manual; management of tour events; production of a home page, and management and support of NPO. Furthermore we hope that many industries will join us in this endeavor.

Immediate Sustainable Promotion Activity

At our company we start at the individual level asking indiviuals to refrain from printing out e-mail. We call it, “Starting Sustainable Promotion Activity” by saving one piece of paper at a time.


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