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Atomic Bomb DomeWell-known for being the August 6, 1945 victim of the world's first atomic bomb drop, Hiroshima continues to commemorate the event in the hopes of establishing a nuclear arm-free world and eternal peace.

A Memorial Peace Ceremony is held every August 6 at the Ground-Zero area maintained as a Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. It's a A-Bomb Dome has been designated as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and the Hiroshima National Peace Hall for the Atomic Victims display memorabilia and the city's mayor recites the peace declaration.
Surrounded by the sea, rivers, and greenery, Hiroshima is the center of the Chugoku-Shikoku Region. It is easily accessible by street cars and an ample rail line (be sure and get 1 day trip card for an enjoyable city go-around).

Hungry? Then the best is yet to come. Hiroshima is also famous for oysters, Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pancake) and Monja-yaki (sweets).

Many traditional events are scheduled especially in Miyajima. Please check Hiroshima Festivals and Events Calendar and Miyajima Main Festivals.

Baseball 野球: Don't forget famous baseball team, Hiroshima Toyo Carp. It's citizen's baseball club, not owned by a company, and has a huge and strong public support so fanatically enthusiastic it is said not to fit the general impression of the Japanese.

Miyajima 宮島: Miyajima is known as an island of world heritage with a long and vivid history worshipped as god itself. People's faith has been carried on through the generations while keeping its historic construction, such as the Itsukushima Shrine, in place. It has a culture all its own, protected by its vast and rich nature. It is said that gods and people live together on this island. Festivals of various size are held (check for schedule of events), and if you're hungry, check out the oysters and sea eel. Ferry service is available to the island from Miyajima Guchi side of JR Sanyo main line (JR pass is accepted).


Momiji_ManjuMomij Monju もみじ饅頭: The maple leaf shaped sponge cake with sweet bean paste is Hiroshima special You can get vacuum packed gift boxes for long storage but when you're in Hiroshima it is suggested to buy fresh packed. Favorite include chocolate and cream cheese flavors.
Nishikido: 1-13-23, Hikari-machi, Higashi-ku, Hiroshima 732-0052
TEL: 082-262-3131


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