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Osaka 大阪

OsakaOsaka is a paradise for those with hearty appetites as the city has long been called "Japan's Kitchen" and the "town where you eat until you drop". Osaka historically used its access to rivers and the sea to develop as a prosperous commercial city connecting Japan with the rest of the world. Fresh local produce and the best ingredients from around Japan have been refined by Osaka's vibrant merchant class to produce affordable and delicious cooking that is never boring. Here you can enjoy the famed "Naniwa" cooking that brings out the best from the cooking ingredients.

Kita Area キタ地区: The major Japan Railways, subway and private railway line stations are all located in the Kita Area. Many department stores, hotels, restaurants, fashion buildings and entertainment facilities have been built around these stations, turning this area into a major shopping district. The Tenjinbashi-suji Shopping Street is Japan's longest shopping arcade, extending 2.6 kilometers. Here you can find rows and rows of small restaurants and shops. Underground shopping centers have been developed and some of these centers have been linked together to create popular underground shopping towns.

osakaMinami Area ミナミ地区: The Minami Area's Central Dotonbori district is one of Osaka's most energetic districts with its huge billboards, neon signs and entertainment halls running along the Dotonbori River. In the past Dotonbori was home to many small playhouses that regularly attracted good crowds. So, naturally many good restaurants and gift shops were built to cater to these crowds. This evolved into the Minami Area shopping district we have today. The Kuromon Ichiba Market is a "food treasure chest" full of delicious products from all over Japan. This market serves as the kitchen for the Osaka Minami Area.
The Doguya-suji Shopping Street runs 160 meters and has numerous shops selling cooking items such as utensils, paper lanterns and food samples.

OsakaBay Area ミナト地区: The Bay Area has many popular amusement facilities such as an aquarium, museums, shopping centers and an observation deck. There is also a Gourmet Theme Park where some of the best chefs in Osaka come together to make tako-yaki (grilled octopus), curry, o-konomi-yaki (Japanese-style pancakes) and other favorites.

Tennoji, Abeno 天王寺、阿倍野: This historic section of town is home to Japanユs oldest temple, Shitennoji, and the Sumiyoshi Shrine, a national treasure. On the landmark Tsutenkaku observation deck is enshrined the statue of "Billiken", a symbol of good luck originating from America. The shopping district stretching out from this area has many great restaurants where you can enjoy the tastes beloved by the common people of Osaka.


Recommended souvenirs from Osaka
Tako-yaki (octopus ball) たこ焼き: Osakajin (people in Osaka) loves this one-of -a-kind unique round shaped octopus balls. If you want to take them home for conversation's sake, vacuum packed packages are recommended. Available at the Dotonbori main store, as well as at Kansai International Airport and JR Shin-Osaka station.
Takomasa-1-14-15, Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 542-0071

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