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Yokohama 横浜

YokohamaUp until Japan's Edo Period Yokohama was little more than a small fishing village. However, ever since this port was opened to the outside world through US-Japan Commerce Treaty of 1859, Yokohama has flourished as the main gateway for foreign culture and people entering Japan (for about 300 years up until that time Japan was essentially an isolated nation, forbidding almost all trade with the outside world). Compared to cities like Kyoto and Nara, which have histories of more than 1,000 years, Yokohama is a fairly young city, but it has grown into Japan's second largest metropolis after Tokyo.

yokohamaSince this port was opened as Japan's gateway to the world, many foreigners have come to visit and live in Yokohama. That is why there are so many establishments here that are skillful at accommodating foreign guests. Almost all of the modernization of Japan started from Yokohama. Japan's first railway line ran between Tokyo's Shinbashi and Yokohama's Sakuragicho.
There are so many things in Japan that started in Yokohama like western-style gardens and parks, tree-lined avenues, gas lights, modern sewage works and even tennis. In terms of food it has been said that beef pots, ice cream, beer, bars, cocktails and western vegetables all got there start in Japan started from Yokohama.

In order to commemorate Yokohama's legacy as the birthplace of bars and cocktails in Japan, 12 "Yokohama Birthday Cocktails" have been selected, one for each month.
Yokohama is a region that developed along with its port and railway transport, both of which have been recently redeveloped to make this an even more beautiful and convenient town.

YOKOHAMASakuragicho, Kannai, Isezakicho, Yamashitacho 桜木町、関内、伊勢佐木町、山下町:
These areas have long served as the commercial centers for Yokohama and there are still many historical brick buildings here. These areas are also home to many long-established hotels, restaurants and bars.

Chinatown 中華街: This is one of the largest Chinatowns in the world. A massive gateway is the symbol for this Chinatown, which is home to rows and rows of excellent Chinese restaurants. In addition to dining on some of the finest regional Chinese cuisine, you can also buy the ingredients needed to make your own Chinese dishes.

Minato Mirai Area みなとみらい地区: The port area is being redeveloped to create a new tourist spot with hotels, offices, art museums, concert halls and restaurants. This is an excellent place to enjoy a good meal while taking in Yokohama's magnificent night skyline.

Yokohama Station 横浜駅: While the city of Yokohama has developed around its port, the center for the city's rail transport is at Yokohama Station. Many department stores, hotels and restaurants are located around this station.

Shin-Yokohama 新横浜: This is a new town resulting from the opening of a new bullet train route. Here you can find the Food Amusement Park and the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum.


Recommended souvenirs from Yokohama
HonnyHoney はちみつ: Yokohama, the entrance for western culture for over a hundred years offers many food items used for western cooking.  Made from exotic flowers such as mountain cherry, wisteria, maple and loquats, Japanese honey is available in gift wrapped boxes and an original spoon.  It makes an ideal gift.
Yokohama Royal Park Hotel – 2-2-1-3 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 220-8173 / TEL 045-221-1111

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